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Total Solar Eclipse: Nature trumps Man

The big cosmic news this month is the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8 at 2:21 pm eastern, at 20° Aries, a point of the zodiac which demands we come to terms with the missing piece, the elusive x-factor needed to restore wholeness.

Eclipses are dramatic celestial events that surpass most cosmic weather to stun the whole world. Even if you know nothing of astrology you’re probably getting swept up in the Public Spectacle that accompanies total solar eclipses.

That madness may be genetically imprinted in our species because ancient people the world over were even more stunned by such dramas, which struck primal terror in the heart. When I witnessed total solar eclipses while I was younger I saw the sky thicken to a dark cobalt blue tinged with a strange green color that made it seem as if we’d all been devoured by a galactic monster and were inside its belly. Even with foreknowledge of the event I couldn’t escape primal terror that the natural order of things had just been overturned.

Leading up to the event, especially if you’re in the path of totality, Animals can freak out and run away, so it’s a good idea to keep pets indoors.

20° Aries amplifies the feeling of something missing. Added to the customary dose of strangeness that always accompanies eclipses anyway, a double dose of freakout is likely.

As much as civilization has advanced to dominate nature, eclipses upend that dominance, reminding viewers of primal forces that dwarf mankind. Whatever you plan to do that day the sun will get swallowed.

Even if you’re not in the view path, any upending you may feel in your personal life may indicate a missing piece in your story, especially in the realm of Relationship.

Some people talk themselves out of believing what their soul knows to be true. Eclipses can rip such rationalizations to shreds and expose the core truth below.

The fermentative chaos of our time is now amplified by this current eclipse cycle which culminates in the eclipse of April 8. But the Change radiating from that day lasts much longer because eclipses trigger sensitive points in your birth chart, and release collective waves of transformation for up to a year.

This current cycle heats up the dialectic between self and other; relationship coming under growth rays that can also feel like attacks. Beneath the chaos is an immense need for our species to find new ways to relate to self and other. This 5-minute soul gem video suggests how to turn crises into harvest.

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Mark Borax has been a nomadic poet his whole life. In the late seventies he traveled the U.S. and Canada performing and selling his poetry. In the mid-eighties, Mark was befriended by his adolescent idol, writer Ray Bradbury, who became his literary godfather, believing in Mark's writing even though it was taking forever. ​ ​In 1984 he became a comic book writer and the managing editor of Comics Interview magazine. In 1998 Mark rode his Harley Davidson Low Rider, through the U.S. and Europe, stopping for a year in the Tuscan countryside of Northern Italy. Mark's first book, 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future, is a bestseller that describes the author's seven-year apprenticeship to visionary astrologer Ellias Lonsdale. Under the redwoods in northern California they created a mystery school which birthed a new form of astrology called Star Genesis, that helps people contact their core nature and life purpose. Mark's new book (co-authored with Ellias) is a Cosmic Weather Report that inspires readers to rethink the whole purpose of humankind and bring on a new future.

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