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Here you will find all the classes and materials for the 3 year certification class. Each level of the course will be accessible once the previous level is complete.

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All the certification levels are shown below. However you will not be able to access the next level until the previous level is completed. Times and dates for the classes are shown in the calendar below. Click on the class listing in the calendar, or access the course area to find the Zoom class link. All recordings for each class will also be available in the designated area after the live class. And if you'd like to start or join a conversation about any of the classes or topics go to the forum at the bottom of this page.

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Introduction to
Soul Level Astrology

With Marcella Eversole

Navigating the Four Directions

Level 1

Signs, Planets, Aspects and Nodes

Level 2

Solstice Self-Study

for Level 1 & 2

Deepening Your Study

Level 3

The Wild Side of Soul Level Astrology

Level 4

Timing Cycles

Level 5

Blend - Putting the Chart Together

Level 6

Get to know your fellow travellers on the Soul Level Certification journey!

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Learn to read the birthchart in a magical soul level way.

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