Venus reveals the treasure of our being

Venus in Leo Cycle: Radiate Your Creative Fire

The Venus Evening Star Journey begins July 2024 and ends in March 2025. This is a regenerative journey that aligns with the cycle of Venus as we nourish our innate capacity for change through the cycle of death and rebirth.

Join us for a complimentary opening circle
Venus rises as an EVENING STAR
Tuesday July 9th, 2024

Open to ALL !

We will begin with an opening circle to celebrate Venus rising as an evening star on Tuesday July 9 – Let's gather together to bring forward our intentions of LIFE AS INTENT.

At the end of the opening circle we will have a 5 minutes break and then offer a 30 minutes Q & A for those curious about joining the ascent circle and have questions.

Then we will close registration August 5, and begin the 8 month journey on Tuesday August 6th

“The birthing into the circle of life ascent phase of the journey
begins when Venus rises as the Evening Star and we take the time to ritualize
the process of rediscovering who we are.

Now that we have accepted and claimed more parts of our nature,
this is a time to discover new ways we are
can be a gift to the circle of life,
and offer ourselves in a whole, new way”.
Marcella Eversole

You can join this event, whether you are already registered for the journey, or are simply curious about how the gatherings will unfold and whether they are right for you.

After this opening circle, we will close registration August 5th,
and begin the 8 month journey on Tuesday August 6th.

For those of you who weren’t with us for the descent, during the complimentary opening circle you will meet your guides for the journey, artist and Soul Level Astrologer Lily Swan and Expressive Arts Therapist and Astrologer Mireya Alejo Marcet.

You can then choose to join us for the full Ascent cycle.

Ascent Cycle: 8 x Monthly Circles
August 6 2024 to March 4 2025


These circles are facilitated by Lily and Mireya via Zoom.

We are offering Tribal Drumbeat members a $100 discount on the full fee.

Details and Fees are below.

Your Guides on this Journey:

Lily Swan with orchid

Lily Swan studied traditional astrology on her own for ten years before studying at the College of Visionaries and Wizards, where she graduated as a Soul Level Astrologer in 2022.

Lily reads charts with the sensory attunement of a lifelong musician, a poet’s understanding of the restorative potency of narrative medicine, a mandala quilter’s eye for a meaningful whole within the parts, and a toymaker’s heart for keeping magic alive in the world. She is devoted to awakening the heart of humanity, and oriented to honoring Mother Earth in daily life.

Each of us has an inner landscape which is illuminated by the mystical arrangement of stars at the moment of our birth. The birth chart is a seed mandala that carries our unique radiance, our soul signature. Through an intricate rhythmic dance of shadow and light, we are summoned to awaken, to unfold our own becoming, to bring our gifts of soul that are so desperately needed at this time.

If you would like to clarify and deepen your soul purpose, integrate, and heal old patterns, crystallize future visions, nurture destiny blossoms, or open your heart more to life, Lily would be honored to assist you in uncovering your multi-faceted radiance through the language of the stars.

You can contact her here:

Mireya Alejo Marcet

Mireya A. Marcet, MFT, is a Mexican artist, Holotropic Breathwork certified facilitator, astrologer and expressive arts therapist. Her healing work is informed by her studies and training with “curanderas” (medicine women) in Mexico as a social anthropologist, several decades of work with expanded states of consciousness, as well as the use of the expressive arts, ritual and the astrological chart as tools of insight, self discovery and transformation.

Mireya certified with the Grof Transpersonal Training in 1993 and has facilitated and trained groups and individuals in this approach internationally. She has worked towards the empowerment of women for the last 25 years and currently leads seasonal "Tending the Fire" expressive arts women’s groups.

She is also the creator of "Altar Creation –A canvas in movement” – and leads altar ceremonial practice in different settings.

Mireya strongly believes in the power of offering sacred, creative, "beauty-filled" and permission giving environments to bring about personal, collective and spiritual transformation. She has been deeply committed to the Venus cycle and co-creation with Marcella Eversole and others who have been part of these circles.

For more information go to:

Leo Venus Cycle: Radiate Your Creative Fire

Join us as we begin our journey of Ascent from the Underworld following Venus through the gates as she traces her celestial rose.

Our ascent along the Leo rose petal will spiral around claiming the gifts gained from the descent, embodying our creative fire, tending to the tender warmth of compassion, nourishing the radiance of our hearts, liberating what is in the way, and embodying rightful individuation.


Venus traces a pentagram, or a five-petaled rose, in the sky every eight years.

She begins a new petal each time she meets up with the Sun, every nine months.

She completes the full eighteen-month Morning and Evening Star cycle five times over eight years, tracing the five petals of the rose.


The new petal she is tracing began in Leo on August 19, 2023.

The ancients were enamored of Venus and told stories about her descent into the Underworld as the Morning Star and her return to the upper world as the Evening Star.  The Sumerians called her Inanna, Queen of Heaven. They marked her descent to the Underworld and her return to the upper world with seven gates. These gates of ascent are measured by points where Venus meets with the Moon each month during her Evening Star phase.

If you are ready to register for the 8 month Descent cycle:

Your registration for each 8 month journey includes:

* Ways to align with the Venus Cycle through creative expression, ritual, altars, prompts connected to the cycle, etc.

* Online group for ongoing connection and sharing

* Experienced guides facilitating the circles and holding you and other companions on an intimate spiritual journey.

* Individual Venus readings and support sessions during the cycle will be available at an additional discounted cost.


Now, as we enter the Ascent cycle, is the time to register to join us
for the 8 month Ascent from Aug. 2024 to March 2025.

The circle will be held by artist and soul level astrologer Lily Swan & expressive arts therapist and astrologer Mireya A. Marcet.

Practical Information:

The circle will meet monthly for two hours on the first Tuesday of the month

(unless something is changed) :

Aug 6, Sep 3, Oct 1, Nov 5, Dec 3, Jan 7, Feb 4, Mar 4.

At noon pacific / 3 pm eastern

There will be a recording sent for those who aren’t available to attend a circle in person, however, there is a lot of richness in attending as many as you can.

Financial contribution for the 2 hour once a month a circle at

noon pacific / 3 pm eastern :

General Participants

Register now for $325

Early Registration
closes July 15, 2023

After July 15 registration is $375

Tribal Drumbeat Member discount

Register now for $225

Early Registration
closes July 15, 2023.

After July 15: $275

Classes will be held LIVE over Zoom and then posted in the member area.  Participants can watch/listen to the recordings at your convenience.

There will be an email discussion forum available for questions, sharing and content to be delivered outside of classes.

The Venus Cycle in Three Parts

Death By Intent:  August 2023 - April 2024

The Death by Intent Descent is a process of letting go of our illusions so we can meet parts of ourselves living in shadow.

Often, we find some of our most beautiful, treasured gifts living there side-by-side with what we've pushed away.  It occurs in the first eight months of the cycle as Venus begins her archetypal descent into the Underworld.

Underworld:  May 2024 - July 2024

Then, we spend three months entering a holy, liminal space during the Underworld phase of the journey.

Optional in person retreat for those who feel called.

Innana in the Underworld

Life by Intent:  August 2024 to  March 2025

The Birthing Into the Circle of Life Ascent phase of the journey begins when Venus rises as the Evening Star and we take the time to ritualize the process of rediscovering who we are, now that we have accepted and claimed more parts of our nature.  This is a time to discover new ways we are can be a gift to the circle of life, and offer ourselves in a whole, new way.

This also includes the Metamorphic Chrysalis stage, a two-week period from Mar 11 - Mar 23 that is known to include collective rites of passage that radically evolve the species.