Your sun sign empowers you to shine
your creative purpose into the world

Soul Level Astrologer, Author, Teacher, Speaker

Sun Signs for our Times

A 12 month course with Mark Borax

Last Saturdays of each month for 12 months. Begins September 30th 2023 to Aug 31st 2024: 3:30 - 5 pm Eastern

This year-long course meets on the final Saturday of every month. Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax will introduces each sign as a rigorous journey from self-ignorance to self-actualization.

Based on Mark's new book The Ruby Heart of the Dragon (order here so you can further the discussion and understanding during our gatherings), he'll draw upon his thirty years of depth counseling others through his astrology of the soul, Mark explodes sun-sign clichés to present a wholly original take on the zodiac.

Join Mark and his band of spiritual outlaws as we explore the twelve-part art of being human. Based on his new book The Ruby Heart of the Dragon: Sun Signs for our Times, this class allows participants to ask questions and apply his take on the 3 Points of the Dragon in your own life: your Ruby Heart, which is your Sun Sign, the Dragon’s Tail, which is the sign you’re leaving behind, and the Dragon’s Head, the sign you’re heading towards.

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Steven Forest, Author of Inner Sky

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(If you are unable to attend the live class, all calls will be recorded for later listening and viewing.)

Last Saturday's of the month at 3:30 Eastern.

Libra, Sept 25

Scorpio, Oct 28

Sagittarius, Nov 25

Capricorn, Dec 30


Aquarius, Jan 27

Pisces, Feb 24

Aries, Mar 30

Taurus, Apr 27

Gemini, May 25

Cancer, Jun 29

Leo, Jul 27

Virgo, Aug 31