Training Astrologers

for the 21st Century

Mark Borax founded Soul Level Astrology in 1987. Its roots grew out of the pioneering 20th Century astrology movement led by Dane Rudyhar and Marc Edmund Jones.  These visionaries fundamentally shifted the understanding of astrology from being a fixed system of meanings to an organic, living system where the stars come alive.  Mark's system draws upon the insights of Ellias Lonsdale, a student of Jones and Rudyar.

In the 90's, Mark began his apprenticeship with Lonsdale. He has spent over 35 years practicing with tools he's learned and developed.

Mark's first book 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future, tells how Lonsdale and Borax birthed a new astrology. It's called Star Genesis, the foundation of Mark's Soul Level Astrology.  Mark's new book The Ruby Heart of the Dragon: Sun Signs for our Times revamps the zodiac.

​This soul-level view turns around stuck behavior patterns to a cosmic quest for meaning.

It helps us to know that, however strange life gets, however cut off we may feel, however small we may shrink in the face of dilemma, we are nevertheless part of some greater evolutionary force that cannot be stopped. This macrocosmic organism functions better when we awaken to our part. When we awaken to our place in the grand design we lift our sights out of pettiness and mediocrity to the mythopoetic adventure of the well-lived life.

Here in the College of Visionaries & Wizards we invite you to check out our class offerings and student blogs. All classes, readings, books and information are designed to activite your soulforce.