The greatest pressure of all gives way when you open your entire being in an ecstatic act of radical surrender.


~ Public Offerings ~

CWR Live!

All are welcome to participate in this live, public offering.

Guided by Mark Borax
Every Wednesday, 2:30pm EST

Tune in for a deep, insightful, soul-level look at the stars.
Mark taps his 30-years' astrology experience through this weekly live video update of what he sees in the Cosmic Weather.

Lunar Musings

All are welcome to participate in this live, public offering.

Guided by Marcella Eversole
September 14th, 2020 - June 14th, 2021
2nd Monday of the month, 8:30pm EST

In ancient times, the illumination of consciousness was supported by collective intent and alignment with the lunar realm. Marcella Eversole conducts a monthly online circle to regenerate this mystical connection with the lunar channel that aligns us with time outside of human constructed time, and spurs our creative growth and development.

~ Upcoming Courses ~

Soul Whispering

Mark's intention is to get to the soul of each tribe member he works with, clear karma, and activate deep self-acceptance.

Guided by Mark Borax
March 20 - April 24, 2021
6 consecutive Saturdays, 5:30pm EST

As outer truth gets co-opted by the strange changes of our time, it’s more imperative than ever for people to unite with their inner truth. Soul Whispering is a method of human transformation I developed over the years that bypasses the birth chart and goes directly to core. Until now I’ve never taught a course based on this method, which is the most intimate version of my practice. To make this work in a group setting we’ll need all the unconditional support and intimacy I’ve built into recent classes, and then some, because I’ll have to establish deep psychic rapport with each person who wishes to volunteer for the process, with everyone else holding space. My intention is to get to the soul of each tribe member I work with, clear karma, and activate deep self-acceptance.

~ Ongoing Courses ~

Venus Cycle

Gather together into the heart of Venus over her 9 month Morning Star journey to the Underworld.

Guided by
Marcella Eversole, Susan Rossi and Mireya Alejo

June 2020 - January 2021
1st Monday of the month, 4pm EST

On June 11th we celebrated the start of the new Venus cycle.

This monthly Venus Rising In Gemini circle, will build on ancient stories and practices as we discover new methods and approaches for working with this foundational planet.

Let Venus ensoul you. As we journey, together, companions on the path, we may discover allies in the natural and spiritual worlds that we never knew we could count on.

Venus is the feminine soul of humanity. Her work is to dissolve any resistance within us to being the deep treasure of love that we are. Can you feel how important this work is in these times of intense confusion and potential transformation?

Stories of the Soul:

The Ruby Heart of the Dragon

Guided by Mark Borax
September 19th, 2020 - May 15th, 2021
3rd Saturday of the month 4pm EST

In this 9 month course Mark examines the three major points of your chart via zodiac degrees in Star Sparks, to explore the story of the soul you incarnated to enact in order to complete unfinished business, release your inner light and bring on your optimal future. Between the Dragon’s Tail and Dragon’s Head lies the Ruby Heart of the Dragon, encapsulated by the Sun in your chart, which is your central energy source, the solar battery striving to grow you into the full radiant being you were born to be. Using lecture and illustration with student charts, we'll dive into the regenerative stories of the soul.

Soul Level Salon

We greet the dawning of this Aquarian Age through astrology, music and consciousness.

Guided by Mark Borax and Marcella Eversole
September 25th, 2020 - May 22nd, 2021
4th Friday of the month, 5:30pm EST

You are invited into Mark & Marcella’s living room for a monthly salon where astrology, music and consciousness usher us further into our individually rooted, collective nature as we greet the dawning of this Aquarian Age. In this series, we’ll play with a new theme each month and generate unconventional spaces that support regeneration. Unlike most Tribal Drumbeat classes, the salons invite you into our home, as if you were sitting in the living room with us, similar to what happens the last day of our annual in-person circles, where we play with ideas a bit more loosely, and are open to questions.