Karma is the love of the universe in action, because your karma is the one thing in space and time that refuses to ever give up on you and offers you yet one more chance to bust loose of your old dysfunctional patterns.

Why study Soul Level Astrology?

This course teaches you to use the birth chart as a two-way window down into the core nature of human beings and up and out into the cosmic patterns of life, time and reincarnation, where we will discover stories of the soul that can re-energize your life. Soul Level Astrology's roots are in the pioneering 20th Century astrology movement of Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudyhar, who fundamentally shifted the understanding of astrology from a fixed system of meanings to an organic living system where the stars come alive. It draws upon the illuminating insights of visionary astrologer Ellias Lonsdale and Mark's thirty years experience practicing with tools he's learned and developed.

Where does Soul Level Astrology come from?

In 1987, after studying astrology on my own for four years, I launched my professional practice in the San Francisco Bay area. Inspired by Joseph Campbell's advice to "Follow Your Bliss" and his calling for the world to find a new creation myth, I dubbed my practice Soul Level Astrology, because this system peels away conditioned layers of a person and gets down to the soul. My apprenticeship with Ellias Lonsdale gave me marvelous tools that I have learned to pass on to others, reconstituting the original mystery school I wrote of in my mystical memoir, 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future.

How is the chart study course conducted?

Our three-year, six semester certification program is led by Mark Borax to teach you to decipher birth charts in the magical visionary way Mark was taught in his seven-year apprenticeship with Ellias Lonsdale. Through trust, intimacy, supplementary reading, lecture and discussion, you will not only learn to make sense of the birth chart, but also explore a profound new way to grasp life itself. By the end of the program you'll be qualified to interpret the hidden dimensions of human beings and be certified by the College of Visionaries & Wizards to practice Soul Level Astrology. We meet each week for two hours, via conference calls that can be attended by video or phone. Each class is recorded, both audio and video, and emailed to you for further study. An optional in-person weekend at Mark and Marcella's home occurs during the summer, with no extra charge (except travel and lodging.) Many students carpool from the airport and stay in the same lodgings to reduce expenses and socialize. These summer gatherings have become the high point for our growing circle of students.

What's the difference between Soul Level Astrology and traditional astrology?

There are two main differences: 1) The improvisational nature of using the birth chart as a true creative art, similar to jazz in that the same chart is used again and again but you have to find some new way to "play" it each time. 2) The sequence of signs in the zodiac mashes up the normal order in a way that at first can seem flabbergasting, but later turns out to make sense. This simple conversion alone from one zodiac to the other, provides an initiation into an intuitive way to use astrology.

"Unlike other systems of astrology I have studied, the magic of this one lies beyond the mentalization and the calculation. I feel it calling a deeper, energetic part of me to tune into a stream of insight and translate heart presence from that stream. It is hard to explain in words the value of being ordained into accessing an Akashic record of starry connection." -Michael Troy, 30

Do I need to have an astrology background to take the chart study course?

It's not necessary, though it can be helpful, but it also can be challenging, because once you've learned the traditional order of Houses and Signs, it can feel like a huge leap to this new order. However, SLA uses the same birth chart as western astrology, and same basic principles of Planets, Houses, Signs, transits and progressions. For students new to astrology we offer a supplementary course, for free, called Star Babies, taught by one of our stellar graduates. And the email discussion group is a forum that can be used to ask questions we don't have time for in class.

If I enroll in chart study am I expected to be on every live call each week?

It's helpful but not mandatory for you to attend each class. Because classes are recorded both in video and separately in audio, you'll be able to learn whatever content material you missed on the live calls.

What is the soul part of Soul Level Astrology, and how does it relate to the astrology part?

Your soul nature is the deepest part of you. Its energy permeates every cell in your body. It was there before you were born. It will continue after you die. Your soul is a fully developed being, even at birth. Our classes and readings are designed to paint impressionistic portraits in words of who you are down deep in the soul. In Soul Level Astrology, astrology comes first, which means the human side of this outweighs the technical side. But, in order to learn how to use it, certain terms and concepts must first be taught so we're all on the same page.

At this time I'm not seeking a career as a professional astrologer ~ what would the chart study program offer me?

Most graduates of the program do not become practicing professional astrologers, but continue to make use of their teachings in many ways. The main teaching of the College of Visionaries and Wizards is that you are a unique individual who came back to earth from spirit in order to blossom your authentic nature. Chart study enables you to locate the prenatal intentions your soul had for returning, and activate the core part of you that knows who you are and why you're here. The creative forces set in motion when you activate your core can be life-changing, producing results far beyond the confines of an astrology chart.

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