Major rites of passage in the Western world
rarely come in the form of sacred rituals but
are embedded within mundane circumstance.

2021 - 2022 Humanity at the Crossroads: Clearing the Past, Opening the Future

Tribal Drumbeat Annual Membership

An annual journey with Mark, Marcella, and a growing circle of Soul Level Astrologers & mystic explorers
$35 per month or $420 for the year ​​

Enrollment is closed until July 2023.

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This information is about previous offerings for 2021-2022

With Saturn square Uranus throughout 2021 (Evolution challenged by Tradition), and Jupiter conjunct Neptune the main aspect of the Spring of 2022 (Accelerated Shamanic Vision), we're being given a worldwide wake-up call to let go of the limiting past and open to the bright future.

It's not easy to see how strongly past ideas and attitudes are blocking the expansive destiny of the species, so our program this year is dedicated to clearing past-life issues, opening the way forward, developing collaborative capacities, and ushering in the future we dream of in our heart of hearts, which has tried to come through many times in history (most recently the 1960s) and gotten sabotaged by regressive forces.

Here at CVW we're devoted to using our growing international faculty and student body to anchor the evolutionary force in personal life and collective consciousness.

Join us for the Journey this Fall as we clear the past and activate our living future.


"I joined Tribal Drumbeat hoping for a cosmic soul level stretch and to 'surf' the cosmic waves of energy in an ocean of service and purpose. Heartfelt thanks for the safe space to practice." Rose Anne Everson, Chicago IL

2021-22 Season Benefits Included*

All Online Classes Are LIVE & recordings will be available to members via our membership portal.

  • 9 month Architecture of the Soul class with Mark Borax and Marcella Eversole
  • Monthly Cosmic Weather Updates live with Mark Borax
  • 6-week Alpha-Omega (Chiron) Class with Mark Borax
  • 6-week course on developing creative collaborations with Marcella Eversole & Soul Level Astrology practitioners
  • Lunar Cycle Musings with Marcella
  • Monthly Circle tracking with Venus Rising in the sign of Gemini until December. With Marcella & Mireya. New cycle begins in January.
  • Half-Hour Private Reading with Mark or Marcella.
  • Opportunity to attend the annual Tribal Drumbeat In-Person retreat.
  • Other offerings at discount or complimentary (see advanced classes).

*These benefits are based on participating for the full 12 months membership (Aug-Jul, or Sep-Aug).

Architecture of the Soul: Identifying Past Lives Through the Birth Chart with Mark Borax & Marcella Eversole

Twice a month on Saturdays from September 25th to May21st: 4 - 5.30pm Eastern

A 9-month course, free to Tribal Drumbeat members, meeting twice monthly, co-taught by Mark Borax and Marcella Eversole. Mark's classes, which meet on final Saturdays (most months) will focus on the 4 Angles of the chart, utilizing Star Sparks to unearth previous incarnations. Marcella's classes, which meet on second or third Saturdays, will add the south node of the moon and Saturn, to flush out past lives. Each of the four angles, Crown, Root, Inbreath and Outbreath, contains a recent past life, with the most challenging one usually falling at the Root. The more understanding you gain regarding your past-life history, the more you can turn around dysfunctional and incomplete patterns. One of the benefits of investigating past lives is that it can pinpoint the incomplete initiations of growth and transformation that got cut off before, which can be taken up now in ways that can not only resolve current dilemmas but tie up loose reincarnational ends.


Co-Creating the Living Future

with Marcella Eversole, Ann DeSutter, Alejandra Sophia & Sheridan Kennedy
6 week course February 1st to March 8th on Tuesdays: 7 - 8.30pm Eastern

This six-week course will be taught by Soul Level Astrology graduates Alejandra Sophia, Ann DeSutter, Sheridan Kennedy and Marcella Eversole
The focus is on cooperation and the sacred art of collaboration. Together we will explore relationship, partnership and the co-creative process, finding ways to move into a more multifaceted, multidimensional human experience, together.

Some themes we will work with in the birth chart include:
> using the deep, primal power of intimacy to support our higher purpose/service and spiritual growth
> expanding our self awareness in order to honor our individual needs, and
> honing and refining our gifts in order to enhance our connections with others.

Come together for a rich, expansive opportunity to connect with other like-minded people that want to deepen into the art of collaboration and sweep the way for the living future!

Ushering in the Bright Future: Alpha-Omega in the Birth Chart and the Sky with Mark Borax

6 week course April 2nd to May 7th on Saturdays: 5.30 - 6pm Eastern

In early April, Mercury conjuncts Alpha-Omega (aka Chiron) in 13 Aries, a destiny-charged degree designed to push the duality of the mind to the max, to get beyond our own inadvertent traps and bring on freedom. When Mercury meets a planet it activates its immediate energy field. Alpha-Omega is the most positive planet, whose job on a collective level is to construct an energy bridge from everything dark and difficult that's happened to everything bright and beautiful that can happen if humanity awakens. On a personal level, Alpha-Omega in your birth chart plays the same role, building a bridge from the hard things you've gone through to your greatest freedom and light. Just as Uranus frees up consciousness, Alpha Omega frees up energy.

Live Cosmic Weather Report with Mark Borax on first Wednesdays of the month

Monthly on first Wednesdays of the month: 2.30 - 3.30pm Eastern


An audio/video recording of Cosmic Weather Updates will be sent to your email in a format you can download.  As a Tribal Drumbeat member you can also attend the live call, open to the public. Mark will tap his 30-years' astrology experience through this online update of what he sees in the Cosmic Weather.

All are welcome to participate in this live public offering by registering here.

Lunar Musings with Marcella Eversole

2nd Tuesdays of each month: 8.30pm Eastern

ancient times, the illumination of consciousness was supported by collective intent and alignment with the lunar realm. Marcella will conduct a monthly online circle to regenerate this mystical connection with the lunar channel that aligns us with time outside of human constructed time, and spurs our creative growth and development.  An audio/video recording of Lunar Cycle Musings will be sent to your email in a format you can download.

All are welcome to particpate live by registering here.

Free Half-hour Soul Level Astrology private session

These sessions can be scheduled at the close of our Spring classes during the membership year (unless you bought an annual membership that allows you to schedule any time after January 1, 2022.) Learn more about Mark's sessions. (Not available for Student Discount Memberships.)

Opportunity to attend 2021 Tribal Drumbeat In-Person

Join Mark, Marcella and their band of spiritual outlaws for the first annual in-person gathering of our Tribal Drumbeat tribe, which will deepen this year’s offerings by bringing us together to circle up in our beautiful home in the mountains of southern Vermont.  We will have space for approximately 8 to 12 folks from Tribal Drumbeat, depending upon how many Level 5 & Advanced students will be joining us for their portion of the weekend.  The registration fees do not cover food, lodging or transportation which folks do on their own.  Some camping options may be available. Contact Marcella with questions.

Our online classes are supported by email discussion groups, video conferencing and an online storage system that allows participants to access past classes as needed, and/or download them for future use.  Please consider participating in this year's program as either a monthly or annual subscriber. $35 per month or $420 per year.

Special CVW Student rate is $25 per month, available to SLA Certification Program registrants and graduates (offering every benefit listed except Mark's reading.)  Tribal Drumbeat offers $800 worth of classes and readings for  about one third of the price.

From the Heart: Testimonials


Since the world doesn't function on 'we're all one', it's not easy to create a harmonious bridge between our mundane experience and spirituality. But what I've experienced with Marcella and Mark's teaching is something else. There's a true sense of belonging in the spaces they hold. There's a deep respect and recognition for each and every human being, and their journey. It's a path in which superiority seizes to exist, where we are encouraged to incarnate all that we are. I've never felt foreign in this space. I experience what it feels like to be part of the human tribe, where we're all one.

Gala Fractal

Dominican Republic

This week's CWR Live felt like a karmic existential therapy session!

Linda Louise

United States

Thank you Mark and Marcella! I really needed that life line to my soul in a big way this week.

Mireya A. Marcet

Oakland, CA

I am also deeply touched by all of the sharings and treasures that have been offered. I can feel the camp fire and its warmth!



I joined Tribal Drumbeat hoping for a cosmic soul level stretch and to 'surf' the cosmic waves of energy in an ocean of service and purpose. Heartfelt thanks for the safe space to practice.

Rose Anne Everson

Chicago, IL