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    Zodiac Polarities For Use on Nodal Axes & Other Things

    Cancer/Capricorn— Leadership. Cancer wants to lead family, Capricorn society.  Putting yourself out there.  Stepping up. Taking responsibility.

    Aries/Libra—Relationship. Breaking out of limiting patterns of relationship being at the expense of someone in dominate role or submissive role.  Learning how to have a win win relationship where two people can flourish.  A theme of this axis is how to even out the unevenness in relationship.  Aries is direct approach and Libra is cultured, patterned and formula.  Libra is Self in World/Aries Self in Self

    Taurus/Scroprio— Possession/Letting GO. Taurus wants to hold onto physical things- possess sacred ground; Scorpio emotional, wants to possess an authentic experience. Lessons is on letting go.  Both need to learn the difference between hanging on and hanging onto what they need to hang on to.

    Gemini/Sagittarius—Lost & Found.  Life is an adventure where you can get lost and found. Sag gets lost in macrocosm and misses microcosm and Gemini is the opposite. Gemini gets lost in the beads and misses the necklace, Sag is looking at the fabric but misses the stitch.

    Leo/Aquarius—Motivation.  These are the two  signs that motivate human beings the most. Leo motivates by believing strongly in people, Aquarius by leaving them room to innovate.  Leo is unearthing the dream hidden in everyday life; Aquarius is pushing the species to fulfill it’s dream.

    Pisces/Virgo– Surrender. This axis is dealing with boundaries, surrendering and service. Learning about boundaries and boundary-less-ness. Who do I let in sexually, energetically, physically? Who do I keep out?  In learning the rightful conditional and unconditional Virgo gets too earthbound and Pisces to ungrounded.

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    Just perfect, Sheridan! Thank you!

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    Dear Architecture of the Soul participants~

    Just as if it was imprinted in the stars, we are gathering today for class 5 on the New Moon Solar Eclipse.  Mark will be joining us, though he’s not able to teach the full class solo as he is still recovering from being sick.

    We’re considering just tacking an extra class on at the end of the series to make up for the class Mark had to miss.  However, we are keeping it open right now, in case another way to handle it shows up.

    That said… in summary, so far we’ve covered:
    >  4 Angels of the Chart
    >  Stages of Incarnation
    >  Karma as a way to summon yourself to inhabit your unoccupied channels and gain presence

    This week, we’ll continue working with our hardest past life at the root of the chart.  Please let me know if you’ll be in class today.

    And, if possible, please bring at least one of the following to class:
    1.  One pattern that you feel relates to your root past life that you are ready to put onto the altar of transformation and work with during this class
    2.  A song or poem that has felt life saving to you in some way
    3.  A moment where you felt especially ‘here’. ‘fully alive’. ‘free to be’.

    Looking forward to being with you at 4 pm Eastern!

    With my heart on duty,
    ~ Marcella

    in reply to: My text from the exercise of October the 30th. #1402

    Hello Nuria,

    Thank you for sharing some of your hardest, most stuck places here.  I trust that getting it on the outside with the intention to clear it, will make room for more something new to come thru.

    For those that follow this thread that might have similar planets or placements at the root here is one perspective on it:

    Gemini at the Root

    There is a lot you can work with in exploring the places you get caught in divisions and polarizations — they can be the greatest access point for the special gifts you have to unify and open the way to the future.  Tuning into places where you easily see life as a multifaceted prism and others ones where they become black/white can also begin the unfurling process of Gemini at the Root.

    Southnode and Uranus Retrograde close to the Root

    Then, with southnode and uranus all Retrograde and close to than angle of the chart, here are some themes you might want to explore:

    > Where do I see myself cycle through ideas, concepts, thought patterns that have my energy get dissipated or lost rather than activated in fulfilling ways?
    > What happens when I anchor into my truth and commit to bringing the future that is calling me, here, now?

    in reply to: Architecture of the Soul– CLASS 3 #1391

    Yes, thank you for bringing so much enthusiasm and presence despite the timing curfuffle.  It was such a pleasure to see you and to feel you on the journey with us!


    in reply to: Architecture of the Soul– CLASS 3 #1379

    Hello Tina,

    I am so grateful to hear your voice through your writing and to know that you are enjoying the classes even if we haven’t had a chance to enjoy you being on a LIVE call, yet!

    Folks are sending what came up for them in last Saturday’s call so we can delve deeper into our past life that exists at the root.  Feel free to post here or send to  We have our beloved Sheridan K  and Fiona that also live Down Under.   Maybe we’ll see you at the website orientation at 7:30 pm Eastern on November 9.

    Welcome to the circle of kin, Tina!



    in reply to: Introduction #1369

    Thanks for kicking off these introductions, Sheridan! I LOVE seeing you riding that horse.  Here’s a silly one of Rowan and I, bored out of our minds trying to have fun during lock down sometime before isolation amnesia set in.

    Let’s see… besides being Mark’s consort… I spend my days avoiding all domestic chores and accounting responsibilities in favor of creating TD classes/circles with extraordinary people like Mireya, Sheridan, Ann and Alejandra.  I have not yet mastered this turning Chaos Into Cosmos thing, so if you are having a hard time reaching me by email, try to ping me a psychic message instead. Odds go up with both! : P


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