Karma is for the soul,
what gravity is for the body.

Sample Syllabus for ​Chart Study Level 2: Uncovering Your Destiny Drive Through Soul Level Astrology - Signs, Planets, Aspects and Nodes

Class 1:
Talking Stone. Buddy Match. Scheduling student readings. Introduce the Destiny Drive link-up between Sun, Dragon’s Head, and Star of Destiny. Difference between esoteric order of Star Genesis and traditional order

Class 2:  Perceptual Mind Signs
Taurus, Leo, Capricorn (and how they relate to Destiny Drive)

Class 3:  Judgment Mind Signs
Virgo, Aquarius, Cancer (and Destiny Drive)

Class 4:  Actional Mind Signs
Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini (and Destiny Drive)

Class 5:  Emotive Mind Signs
Pisces, Libra, Scorpio (and Destiny Drive)

Class 6:  Introducing the 5 Personal Planets
The Sun that Radiates Wholeness; The Moon That Draws You Into Incarnation

Class 7:
Mercury: Catalyzing your aliveness; Venus: Opening Your Inner Voice; Mars: Claiming Your Individual Freedom

Class 8:  The Transpersonal Planets that supply Meaning
Jupiter - Bringer of the Grand Design; Saturn - Holder of your Prenatal Vows

Class 9:  The Transcendent Planets that link you with greater dimensions
Alpha-Omega (aka Chiron) - Unbinding Time; Uranus - Your Inner Magician; Neptune - Your Inner Shaman; Pluto - Revealer of Essences

Class 10:  Navigating the tricky Asteroid Belt
Vesta, Juno, Ceres, Pallas Athena

Class 11:  8 Astrological Aspects: The Space Between
The Square (including Ts and Xs); The Trine (including Grand Trines)

Class 12:
Conjunctions (Launch power); Sextiles (Fine-tuning); Oppositions (Confrontation)

Class 13:
Quincunxes (Initiation bombardment); Quintiles (Higher knowing); Septiles (Gnarly karma)

Class 14:  Class Review​