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Reply To: Architecture of the Soul– CLASS 3


Dear Architecture of the Soul participants~

Just as if it was imprinted in the stars, we are gathering today for class 5 on the New Moon Solar Eclipse.  Mark will be joining us, though he’s not able to teach the full class solo as he is still recovering from being sick.

We’re considering just tacking an extra class on at the end of the series to make up for the class Mark had to miss.  However, we are keeping it open right now, in case another way to handle it shows up.

That said… in summary, so far we’ve covered:
>  4 Angels of the Chart
>  Stages of Incarnation
>  Karma as a way to summon yourself to inhabit your unoccupied channels and gain presence

This week, we’ll continue working with our hardest past life at the root of the chart.  Please let me know if you’ll be in class today.

And, if possible, please bring at least one of the following to class:
1.  One pattern that you feel relates to your root past life that you are ready to put onto the altar of transformation and work with during this class
2.  A song or poem that has felt life saving to you in some way
3.  A moment where you felt especially ‘here’. ‘fully alive’. ‘free to be’.

Looking forward to being with you at 4 pm Eastern!

With my heart on duty,
~ Marcella

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