Venus Rising 2023: four payment plan

Guided by Marcella Eversole and Mireya Alejo

January 2023 to August 2023

1st Monday of each month at 7pm Eastern  (Jan to Aug 2023)

A monthly Circle that tracks the journey of Venus from morning to evening star and back, following ancient Western tradition as well as Mayan wisdom cycles.

Let Venus ensoul you. As we journey, together, companions on the path, we may discover allies in the natural and spiritual worlds that we never knew we could count on.

Venus is the feminine soul of humanity. Her work is to dissolve any resistance within us to being the deep treasure of love that we are. Can you feel how important this work is in these times of intense confusion and potential transformation?

The first payment will be charged immediately, the second in 1 month, the third in 2 months, and the final payment will be due 3 months from your first payment date.