Architecture of the Soul 2021/2022

Guided by Mark Borax and Marcella Eversole

25th September 2021 – 21st May 2022

Twice a month on Saturday, 5.30 – 7pm Eastern

A 9-month course, meeting twice monthly, co-taught by Mark Borax and Marcella Eversole. Mark’s classes, which meet on final Saturdays (most months) will focus on the 4 Angles of the chart, utilizing Star Sparks to unearth previous incarnations. Marcella’s classes, which meet on second or third Saturdays, will add the south node of the moon and Saturn, to flush out past lives. Each of the four angles, Crown, Root, Inbreath and Outbreath, contains a recent past life, with the most challenging one usually falling at the Root. The more understanding you gain regarding your past-life history, the more you can turn around dysfunctional and incomplete patterns. One of the benefits of investigating past lives is that it can pinpoint the incomplete initiations of growth and transformation that got cut off before, which can be taken up now in ways that can not only resolve current dilemmas but tie up loose reincarnational ends.