The roots of the living future are growing beneath the debris of the dying civilization. Let's anchor in our own unique nature & build the future, from the inside out.

The Art of Collaboration

Co-Creating the Living Future

A four week course taught by Certified Soul Level Astrologers Alejandra Sophia, Marcella Eversole, Ann DeSutter and Sheridan Kennedy

Tuesdays 6.30pm-8.30pm EST (US), February 1st to Feb 22nd 2022

Co-Creating the Living Future

Taught via the art of collaboration and co-creating, this course focuses on how to create the future we desire by making it present in our daily lives. To do this each of us must grow our self-knowledge so that we have a better understanding of how we work, what we offer, and how co-creating contributes to the whole.

Oftentimes, to make our unique gifts most vital and real requires others who are fueled by shared visions and values. Together, and in alignment with our individual natures, we can create thriving human ecosystems where the Living Future can take root and grow.

Over the four-week course, we will expand what we believe is possible for the future - and refine our expression as people who are committed to co-creating it. We will work with practical magic and explore ways to activate our partnerships with others and the living world.

Some themes we will work on within the birth chart include:

>  using the deep, primal power of intimacy to support our higher purpose/service and spiritual growth

>  expand our self-awareness in order to honor our individual needs, so we can more clearly negotiate with others

>  honing and refining our gifts in order to enhance our creative connections with others

Come together for a rich opportunity to connect with like-minded people, deepen into the art of co-creating, and collaboration. Open the way for the living future!

Throughout Co-Creating the Living Future, each of the Soul Level Astrologers guiding the journey will enliven your unique nature and how it thrives (or not) in collaboration.

Marcella Eversole

Alpha-Omega & Higher Purpose Relationships:  Transitioning from Who We've Been, to Who We're Becoming

Since ancient times collaboration has been practiced as a sacred art, a dance of cooperation where each person plays their essential part. Roles were often clearly delineated and trusted structures held communities in tact.

Now, many are feeling the growing pains of no longer fitting into given structures or roles. As regressive structures and ways of being are dying, we can learn (and remember), how to build what's next, together, in sustaining ways (which includes regenerating existing structures, too!).

Trusting the seeds (vision) that have been planted in us can be a potent connection point with others, and a way to flow in the collective currents with those we share an affinity.

Ann DeSutter

Venus and the Epoch of Taurus:  Fashioning Life from your Core Love Essence

Ann knows that to begin co-creating successfully, first be able to be deeply connected, and profoundly intimate with ourselves. She facilitates that authentically within her own life.

Our capacity to bring presence to others is in direct correlation to our ability to connect with self. Rooting into our internal fertile garden, and being clear about our personal priorities first, we can then align with others to create and weave magic.

We conjure Venus and the Epoch of Taurus, connecting ourselves to our personal love nature, and into the Magic of Human Love, bringing warmth and intimacy to the dawning of Aquaria.

Alejandra Sophia

Pluto in Advanced Capricorn: Unitive Energy During Divisive Times

How do you collaborate when something internal is in your way preventing you from fully showing-up in a co-creative presence? 

In this class, we will explore the next wave of Pluto’s transit of Capricorn in 2022. 

There is no task more rigorous than the one that is seeking and aspiring to take every karmic layer, work it through, and no longer be at its mercy.  

Together, we will tune into the source of your deepest wound and greatest challenge. We will explore the deep invitation of Pluto at 28 - 29 Capricorn to meet our personal soul in the depths and carve-out an embodied presence. This is the touchstone of a unified, intentional, spirit-infused collaboration between yourself and others that changes the world in 2022 and beyond.


Sheridan Kennedy

Saturn and Neptune: The Art of Mistressing a Diverse World

In today’s complex world we are learning how to swim in nuanced diversities of truth, while holding our sacred ground and our own truth.

When we co-create and co-llaborate (labour together), when we co-llude (play together) we move beyond our need for rightness and control.

For centuries we have focused our actions through the masculine lens of mastery. Let us mistress new worlds through working with energies rather than seeking to resist, dominate and control. In this way, matter and spirit come together again after long centuries of disconnection.

To explore how this manifests for each of us, we will look at the contradictory dance of Neptune and Saturn in the individual birth chart.

Practioners co-creating Marcella Eversole Soul Level Astrologer
Practioners co-creating Ann DeSutter
Practioners co-creating Alejandra Sophia Soul Level Astrologer
Sheridan Kennedy Soul Level Astrologer

The Art of Collaboration: Co-creating the Living Future is both about collaboration and conducted through collaboration as each of the participants brings their own individual Soul Level Astrology processes into the circle to help everyone better understand the part they play in the co-creation of the Living Future.

Each participant will be paired with a buddy and the intention is for you to meet for an hour a week outside of class, for collaboration and accountability (we'll go into all the details in the classes).

Tuesday 6.30-8:30 PM Eastern: Feb 1, 8, 15, 22
Payment is by Donation
(Because we believe this work is for everyone we're offering it on a pay what you can basis. Suggested amount is $125)

Space is limited. We'll update here when we have fewer than 10 seats open.

Co-creation can free you to be all you are

Participants will complete this course with:

> A greater understanding of yourself and your needs in partnership

> Insight into your unique co-creative capacities and how they might work

> Your owner’s manual on how you best do collaboration, which you will have created over the six weeks

> A sense of trust in your natural abilities that support you to work with the uncertainty that collaboration can bring

> A deeper understanding of how your wounds have purpose, which in turn will deepen your most intimate relationship - the one you have with your self

> A deeper feeling of peace as you develop your ability to accept all you are and make peace with yourself

> A refined ability to listen to your intuition and heed its wisdom

Over the four weeks you will get down into yourself and your incarnation in a way that taps the unique role that you play in the Living Future, so that you can meet yourself and others on a whole different level.

Course Structure

Week 1, Feb 1:

Opening Circle

Marcella, Ann, Alejandra & Sheridan collaborate in opening the circle. We will dive into the vocabulary, wisdom and practice of Soul Level Astrology to set the context and vision for this course.

Week 2, Feb 8:

Part 1 - Transitioning from Who We've Been, to Who We're Becoming

Marcella (supported by Ann) will consider the role of Alpha-Omega in enabling and sustaining advanced relationships with ourselves and others, helping each to shape a clearer recognition of our own roles in seeding new structures.

Part 2: Fashioning Life from your Core Love Essence

Ann (supported by Sheridan) will conjure the way for us to immerse ourselves in our deep core love essence. This embodied experience of Venus brings a magic presence to collaborative practices.

Week 3, Feb 15:

Part 1 - Unitive Energy During Divisive Times

Alejandra (supported by Marcella) guides us in tuning into our greatest challenges, as seen through the focus of Pluto. Doing our karmic work allows us to show up in full co-creative presence through the changes of 2022 and beyond.

Part 2: The Art of Mistressing a Diverse World

Sheridan (supported by Alejandra) taps into the roles of Saturn and Neptune in our charts, and in the zeitgeist, to help us be in collaboration while managing the contradictory human desires of control and flow.

Week 4, Feb 22:  

Closing Circle

Marcella, Ann, Alejandra and Sheridan come together for the final class and, with the new understandings and embodiment practices we've acquired, we each complete our owner's manual and close the circle.

We invite you to join us on this collaborative journey

Tuesday 6.30-8:30 PM Eastern: Feb 1, 8, 15, 22.
Registration is by donation.
(Because we believe this work is for everyone we're offering it on a pay what you can basis. Suggested amount is $125)

Space is limited. We'll update here when we have fewer than 10 seats open.

Classes will be held LIVE over Zoom and then posted in the member area.  Participants can watch/listen to the recordings at your convenience.

There will be a discussion forum available for questions, sharing and content to be delivered outside of classes.

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