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Sample Syllabus for Chart Study Level 3: ​Deepening your study of Soul Level Astrology

Class 1: Talking Stone. Buddy Match. Introducing the semester

Class 2:  Key Planets & Chart Shapes

Class 3:  Key Planets & Chart Shapes

Class 4:  Key Planets & Chart Shapes

Class 5:  Chart Shapes

Class 6:  Chart Shapes

Class 7:  Oriental Animal Years

Class 8:  Oriental Animal Years

Class 9:  Planets Conjunct Angles

Class 10:  Planets Conjunct Nodes

Class 11:  Planets Conjunct Nodes

Class 12:  Angular Houses

Class 13:  Succedent Houses

Class 14:  Cadent Houses

Class 15:  Talking Stone / Review

In-Person Session at Mark & Marcella's in Putney, VT