Let your dreams be the stars that guide you
rather than the cords that bind you.

Sample Syllabus for ​Chart Study Level 4: ​The Wild Side of Soul Level Astrology

Class 1:  Talking Stone. Buddy Match. Introducing the semester.

Class 2:  Atlantean Numerology: Cosmic NumberThis class begins four classes that veer off the birth chart but can be very helpful to grant the fresh perspective you need to climb back in. Ellias called the chart so self-referential that it can almost make you insane if you get trapped inside. To prevent that he introduced topics that simplify the increasing complexity that results from further studies of the chart. Atlantean Numerology, channeled by Ellias, includes the numbers 11 and 22 and brings new meanings to the other nine.

Class 3:  Atlantean Numerology: Cosmic Number

Class 4:  Birth CardsThe Birth Cards are an ancient system of using a normal deck of playing cards as an oracle in relation to people’s birthdays. Some of you may be familiar with this but Ellias has channeled his own interpretations. I’ll give you your card as well as a chart you can use for identifying anybody’s birth card.

Class 5:  Birth Cards

Class 6:  Fixed StarsThe idea of “fixed stars” refers to individual stars that fall outside the zodiac but are related to it. I work with five main fixed stars that we’ll identify and discuss.

Class 7:  Galactic Astrology
The center of our Milky Way Galaxy is found at 26, 27 and 28 degrees Sagittarius. But there is a band of sympathetic degrees that resonates with these greater Galactic energies, that is found at 26 to 28 degrees of every sign. Planets found there are said to be Galactic and we’ll examine how the nature of each sign changes in this Galactic Corridor.

Class 8:  Galactic Astrology

Class 9:  Galactic Astrology

Class 10:  The Four Main Asteroids RevisitedWe briefly discussed Vesta, Juno, Ceres and Pallas on our final class of Level 3, so we’ll take a longer look.

Class 11:  Moon Phases / Stars of Destiny

Class 12:  Moon Phases / Stars of Destiny

Class 13:  Moon Phases / Stars of Destiny

Class 14:  Passing the Stone​ / Review