It's not that bad things stop happening. It's just that a fierce force of love
blazes out of your soul ten times stronger than anything massing against it.

Sample Syllabus for Turning a Good Reading into a Great One

Class 1: Setting intention during study: Main focus—Sun, Dragon’s Head, Oriental Animal, 4 Directions. Parallel & contrasting themes. Psychic link with client during study.

Class 2: Setting intention during study: Realm of the Moon—Waxing/Waning. Horiz/Vert/Diag Nodes. Moon Phase: how you get stuck & free.

Class 3: Setting intention during study: Deep Karma—Septiles, Quincunxes, Squares. Dragon’s Tail. Birth Card. Cosmic Number.

Class 4: Setting intention during study: Realm of Destiny—Prenatal Sun/Mercury, Sun/Venus. Jupiter. Alpha-Omega. Dragon’s Head. 11th Stream Window.

Class 5: Setting intention during sessions: Attunement process. Welcome to your magic journey to the soul. I’ll be your guide. 11th Stream amplified presence of two: I of the other. Best readings confirm deepest dream of who they are beyond karmic shadow, which they may not have heard verbalized before.

Class 6: Setting intention during sessions: Core paradox/Destiny riddle. Paradox of each sign. Learning to hear questions below their questions. Class listening exercise.

Class 7: Setting intention during sessions: The healing power of soul level astrology. Separation & closeness. Building trust & intimacy. The power of the silent pause. Listening in equanimity to what they’re struggling with. Be kind to yourself ~ the other person’s nature mirrors yours, especially qualities you most need to understand at that time in your life.

Class 8: Setting intention during sessions: The healing power of SLA, continued. Psychic sleuth, blend penetrating insight with unconditional acceptance. Incomplete initiations from past life, crossing the uncrossed crossroads.

Class 9: Techniques: Journey to the soul ~ Working Star Sparks during sessions. The freedom to stretch, condense & edit.

Class 10: Techniques: Continuing with Star Sparks.

Class 11: Techniques: Combining Timing Cycles with Natal Information.

Class 12: Techniques: Combining Timing Cycles with Natal Information.

Class 13: Techniques: Animating the Chart (read information below)

Class 14: Techniques: Animating the Chart, continued.

Class 15: Advanced Technique: Soul Whispering, a method I developed in the early stage of my practice, for bypassing the chart and getting straight to the soul.

Animating the Chart Technique

With oppositions, grand squares, grand trines, Lemniscate and Tri-Cluster charts especially, but not limited to these configurations, I often characterize chart features as if they were separate sub-selves of the person, so I can animate them and see how it plays out in the client’s responses.

This has been especially potent in Tri-Cluster charts and Grand Squares. In a Tri chart, let’s say one of the clusters has Sun, Venus and the Moon, another has Saturn and Uranus, and the third has Jupiter, Pluto, and Mars.

I might characterize the first cluster as super-personal, super-personality-oriented, inward, working the stuff of human nature out in a realm very close to the person. If the cluster is located near the Inbreath, even more so.

The Saturn/Uranus cluster is a strong galactic burst, where the person's inner magician and overarching authority are in one and the same place. If that were near the Crown, even more.

The Jupiter-Pluto-Mars cluster is a supercharged, powerhouse, drive-engine that would drive the whole chart mechanism, with forward-surging Jupiter combined with deep-diving Pluto, roto-tilling death, churning over past life karmic compost, so Mars can fire up breakthrough energies from way down in the person's soul.

After introducing these three main characters to represent the whole chart (because a Tri-cluster, or even a chart that's not a Tri- cluster, but has a grand trine, is a globular entity that takes over the entire map) so after identifying the three archetypes in the person's karmic theatre, I'd pause to see if the person had any feedback about how my characterization might play out in their actual life.

Usually they'd light up, offering examples. Once all three sections are on the table, and the person has given some measure of response to flesh my initial framework into not just theory, but their actual history and experience, I might notice which of the sections may be more currently activated by cycle. Might also notice which clusters the last dharmic current and next one would activate. And which 7-year Tide of the Moon each cluster is linked with.

A simpler version of animation can be used via an opposition, especially if, but not limited to, lemniscate charts, if you portray each of the two polarized zones by assessing which planets are there and if they're more personal, transpersonal or transcendent. Star Sparks, as always, helps deepen the characterizations.