The deepest power in the world is on our side:
the love that's been sleeping in the cells of our species,
that earlier avatars told us to claim before it was too late.
It's not too late. The time is now.

Sample Syllabus for Degree Frequencies Semester 2

Class 1:  16 Neptunian vigil of internal hearing. paradoxical relationship between surface & depths

Class 2:  17 Undermine your own disguises i am the contradictions and missing pieces

Class 3:  18 Contested space, on probation. most vulnerable of souls & need to be

Class 4:  19 Surfing the adrenaline edge. grow up in your 50s & 60s, not your 30s & 40s

Class 5:  20 Becoming a precise reflector of an infinite reality. always standing at crossroads

Class 6:  21 The herald, forerunner, pacesetter. seeking camaraderie of the authentic self

Class 7:  22 Open-ended truth inquiry from outside-in. seeking a conscious wakeful path

Class 8:  23 The advocate. first one to follow the bright hot current of evolution

Class 9:  24 Push soul story to the limits to transcend it

Class 10:  25 Window on eternity. most ascensional. lemuria. atlantis. future worlds

Class 11:  26 Super-energized powerhouse of creative aliveness. the masculine dynamic of spirit

Class 12:  27 Distilled essence of life itself. the feminine dynamic of spirit

Class 13:  28 Fire vigil. most brutal spirit f. story of job. olympian rallying the spirit

Class 14:  29 Most internal. watery ethereal creature. nothing imprints you because you bear a deeper imprint

Class 15:  Graduating beyond selfhood and individuality. sourced in simultaneity

Class 16:  Now that we’ve completed the tour, we’ll discuss how to use this system

Class 17:  We prepare to depart the deepest interior of astrology and take it with us as we go