We each come from spirit and to spirit we will return.
And while we're here we still belong to spirit, even when it hardly looks that way.

Sample Syllabus for Advanced Chart Study ​Level 1

Now that you’ve gained a foundation in Soul Level Astrology and Star Genesis, this semester is designed to deepen the course of your study and hone your insight and intuition, so you can become more creative in your own unique approach to reading charts.

Class 1:  Marking up the birth chart with Borax Chart Notation (BCN). Over the years I developed a shorthand system (BCN) for marking notes on certain parts of the birth chart which you can improvisationally respond to like a musician practicing sight reading. As you become familiar with the system you can transfer chart reading out of the rulership of the Judgment Mind into the actional and perceptual realms backed up by the emotive. (Students from our first graduating class already familiar with my method will get a chance to deepen your application of it.)

Class 2:  Marking up the chart

Class 3:  Deepening your chart study through Planetary Dyads. My materials on aspects describe what it means to have each of the seven ancient planets contacting another, regardless of what particular aspect connects them. By exploring these ancient planetary dyads you can directly enter the vivid living world of the planets, and greatly increase your facility in chart reading.

Class 4:  Planetary Dyads

Class 5:  Planetary Dyads

Class 6:  Identifying karma, reincarnation and past lives in the chart. This is one of the juiciest areas of my practice because it combines the logical places where these things can be found in each chart with personal insight and intuition that informs  you of the uniqueness of each chart. Like our face-changing, past lives, in-person session last week in Vermont, the more receptive you become when inviting past lives into the mix, the more they tend to show up.

Class 7:  Karma, reincarnation and past lives

Class 8:  Karma, reincarnation and past lives

Class 9:  Student Readings

Class 10:  Student Readings