When depression is understood as a summons to return to core,
it can reveal its deeper fruit, which is a wealth of self-understanding.

Sample Syllabus for Advanced Chart Study ​Level 4

The post-Saturnian planets Alpha-Omega, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto preside over a vaster and more galactic domain than the inner and middle planets. Regarding inner and middle planets, Saturn guides time into channels that fit traditionally with history and linear time sequence, and Saturn’s rings contain that version of time that is sequenced by all the pre-Saturnian planets. But, beginning with Alpha-Omega, the trans-Saturnian planets realign human consciousness with the greater timings of galaxy and Cosmos, opening us toward something less binding and more multidimensional. Of course each of the outer planets also has their own complete identity separate from the others, and as we push into trans-Saturnian territory this semester, we’re pushing away from the rigidity of history and culture into something beyond.

Class 1:  Introduction to the Outer Planets
We’ll introduce the deep, vast, and subtle territories of Alpha-Omega, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Class 2:  Alpha-Omega, and aspects to it

Class 3:  Aspects to Alpha-Omega

Class 4:  Uranus, and aspects to it

Class 5:  Aspects to Uranus

Class 6:  Neptune, and aspects to it

Class 7:  Aspects to Neptune

Class 8:  Pluto, and aspects to it

Class 9:  Aspects to Pluto