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Reply To: My text from the exercise of October the 30th.


Hello Nuria,

Thank you for sharing some of your hardest, most stuck places here.  I trust that getting it on the outside with the intention to clear it, will make room for more something new to come thru.

For those that follow this thread that might have similar planets or placements at the root here is one perspective on it:

Gemini at the Root

There is a lot you can work with in exploring the places you get caught in divisions and polarizations — they can be the greatest access point for the special gifts you have to unify and open the way to the future.  Tuning into places where you easily see life as a multifaceted prism and others ones where they become black/white can also begin the unfurling process of Gemini at the Root.

Southnode and Uranus Retrograde close to the Root

Then, with southnode and uranus all Retrograde and close to than angle of the chart, here are some themes you might want to explore:

> Where do I see myself cycle through ideas, concepts, thought patterns that have my energy get dissipated or lost rather than activated in fulfilling ways?
> What happens when I anchor into my truth and commit to bringing the future that is calling me, here, now?

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