Advanced classes: Karmic Filters, Prenatal Vows (TD members)

March 1 to June 2023, 12 noon Eastern via Zoom.

Among the most important features of soul level astrology are karmic filters and prenatal vows, and this will be the first time Mark has brought them together. We all have karmic filters, which are subconscious perceptual lenses we view life through, which strongly color our experience based on unresolved past issues, and can provide freedom and insight when we relax their hold on us. And all have reasons we chose to reincarnate, two or three promises we make after we died in our previous life, which provide creative drive that can renew our soul purpose and life force when we attune to them.

Rather than standardizing his approach and subjecting each chart to the same process, Mark will take each chart separately and dive in as he would when during a reading.