Learn to read the birthchart
in a magical soul level way.

This hands-on training course is led by Mark Borax, assisted by his wife, Marcella Eversole, to teach you to study birth charts the magical visionary way Mark was taught in his seven-year apprenticeship with Ellias Lonsdale. Through trust, intimacy, supplementary reading, lecture and discussion, you will not only make sense of the birth chart, but also explore a profound new way to grasp life itself. By the end of the program you'll be qualified to interpret the hidden dimensions of human beings through the birth chart, and be certified by The College of Visionaries & Wizards to practice Soul Level Astrology.

Certification Program

 The next certification training begins in Fall 2022

Join us for the first semester beginning in September.

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Our 3-year, six semester, accreditation program instructs students in the powerful soul-level methods Mark uses to read birth charts. After three decades creating and practicing Soul Level Astrology, Mark developed a 6-part series to teach others to read charts in the same magical, multi-dimensional way. These classes form lasting bonds between students interested in excavating the deeper dimension of not only the birth chart but of life itself. Think of it not just as a way to learn astrology but a whole new approach to living.

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Introduction to Soul Level Astrology

Now completed for the 2022 intake.

We're launching a new 3-Year certification Chart Study course, where Mark teaches students around the world, on a weekly basis, how to read birth charts in the magical way of Soul Level Astrology.

Join Marcella for an introduction to some of the special tools that we use in Soul Level Astrology. In 4 introductory classes you'll get a taste of what the 3 year program offers, and a sample of some of the source material that support the initiatory experience that Soul Level Astrology offers.

The Introduction is designed to give you insights into the SLA system. If you are wondering if this form of astrology is for you this introduction will help you decide.

More than an astrology system, Soul Level Astrology is a system of consciousness that will give you a golden compass for charting the path of your inner nature. Students laugh, cry, bond and get more telepathic week after week on our Zoom calls.

You do not need to do the Introduction in order to study the full Certification.

Chart Study Level 1: Navigating the Four Directions

$795 by August 21
Semester: September - December
Wednesdays at 10am Eastern

In the first semester of our chart study program you'll learn the unique vocabulary of Star Genesis, which is the basis for Soul Level Astrology, by applying it to class charts, which are the only charts we'll use during the course.

Star Genesis is a body of knowledge discovered by Ellias Lonsdale in his dream of Atlantis in the late 1970s. This is a vast system for tracking the soul through birth, death and beyond, that Mark was trained in during the apprenticeship described in his bestselling book, 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future. Soul Level Astrology is the form of star work Mark created in 1987, which uses the birth chart as a window to the soul, and leans heavily on Star Genesis.

The opening semester introduces the two main components of Star Genesis, which are the 4 Directions of Crown, Root, Inbreath and Outbreath; and the 12 Lifestreams, connected to the Houses, Aspects and Signs. We'll also study Moon Phases, Stars of Destiny, and Dharmic Currents, ways for deciphering your karma and tracking your growth. Level 1 is designed to build trust and intimacy while opening a dialog into the starry blueprint of our lives.

Chart Study Level 2: Uncovering Your Destiny Drive Through Soul Level Astrology - Signs, Planets, Aspects and Nodes

Now that we've learned a common language, in the second semester we'll delve into Planets, Signs, and Aspects, which represent the actors, journeys and underlying celestial geometry of a person’s life. You'll learn to recognize the sympathetic and contrary patterns at work within someone’s nature. When the twelve zodiac signs are viewed from the soul they appear differently than they are assumed to be by traditional astrology, so Level 2 often yields unexpected twists, turns and revelations.

To help you practice chart reading we'll draw buddy matches from a blind pull, linking you with another student whose chart you can become familiar with while you become familiar with your own chart. Students will begin reading each other’s charts one pair per class in 3-to-5-minute readings at the end of each session.

Summer Self-Study Program 2023

Our Summer Self-Study Program is designed for people who wish to join Level 3 when it starts in September by catching up with Class recordings of Level 1 & 2, and gaining access to the supportive reading materials in our MediaFire Class Folder. In addition, self-study students will gain access to our class email discussion group, including previous threads, and be able to
email questions to Mark, Marcella or any CVW Angels (Grad students) supporting this group. Upon registration, you will be taken directly into the Level 1 course material and online video teachings.

Depending upon when you register, you'll need to carve out 4 to 7 hours a week to watch the videos and read the material in preparation for Level 3.

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Chart Study Level 3: Deepening your study of Soul Level Astrology

Level 3 is designed to deepen your grasp of Soul Level Astrology to the halfway point of the undergraduate course, which occurs at the end of this semester. Along with the 4 Directions, one of the most basic features of this system is determining planetary “weight” by identifying Key Planets, those planets that become stronger due to the various criteria we’ll discuss. Some Key Planets are identified by determining chart shape, so we’ll begin with the fascinating (and sometimes exasperating) art of defining the eight shapes that planets can form in.

Then we’ll go on to the colorful subject of Oriental Animal years followed by two classes on planets conjuncting the angles and two on planets conjuncting lunar nodes. We’ll end the term by diving back into the most concrete feature of Star Genesis -- the twelve houses, which anchor all the other chart factors.

By the last class you should be inspired to trust your own creative use of this improvisational way to work with the birth chart. Unlike traditional astrology, which is more like rock music, Soul Level Astrology is like starjazz; the chart is the score but in order to play with it you have to find something new in it each time, something of the moment, scintillating and alive, otherwise the marks on the paper revert to lazy thinking and cliché.

Chart Study Level 4: The Wild Side of Soul Level Astrology

Now that we’ve deepened your grasp of Soul Level Astrology (especially with the heavy lifting we did last time regarding chart shapes and key planets) Level 4 takes a turn toward the wild side of chartwork, factors that add spice and relish to the basics you’ve already learned: Atlantean Numerology, Birth Cards, Fixed Stars and Galactic Astrology. The benefit of Numerology and Birth Cards is that the chart can become so self-referential that you can get trapped in it, and these two subjects veer completely off the chart, providing a simple view that can be a breath of fresh air within the multidimensional complexity of our journey through the soul.

We’ll conclude Level 4 by returning to Moon Phases and Stars of Destiny, to deepen your comprehension of the characteristic ways you tend to get trapped in karma and sprung toward destiny. When we return to features we studied in the beginning these early imprints will become more profound.

Chart Study Level 5: Timing Cycles

One of the main components that distinguishes astrology from other oracles is the feature of timing. Mark envisions the universe as a giant clock with gears, cogs and wheels meshing through the various movements of the planets.

The penultimate semester Level 5 is entirely devoted to timing cycles; the two cycles used by traditional astrology: transits and progressions, as well as the system we discussed in Level 1: dharmic currents, which we’ll review. By delving into the cycles, you’ll be able to anchor the chart in Time. Now you can track a birth chart through past, present and future, which will be the final new subject of undergraduate study.

Chart Study Level 6: Blend - Putting the Chart Together

The final semester of our three-year accreditation course will introduce no new subjects but be based on putting it all together. Everything we’ve learned in the first five semesters can now be harnessed to equip you to read charts on a soul level for personal enlightenment as well as professional practice.

The main focus of Level 6 is on Blend, the single most important skill that separates the novice astrologer from the competent practitioner. Until all the factors were laid on the table we couldn’t devote ourselves to Blend, which is an art in itself, and provides much of the fascination and enjoyment of Soul Level Astrology. With blend we can identify what makes one person truly unique, what they’re really here for, and how they can tackle their challenges and rise to the fullest of their potential.

At the end of this semester students will receive diplomas of certification qualifying them as Practitioners of Soul Level Astrology, which is the first of three categories of qualification. (The next two stages are Advanced Practitioner and Master.)

In-Person Intensive

The 4-Day In-Person Intensive is the culmination of each year of study and the occasional site of graduating classes. Held at Mark and Marcella’s home, every current student and graduate of Chart Study is invited to attend with no extra cost of admission. Because the normal classes are held via computer and/or telephone, the summer session is the only chance most of us have to be with each other in person. And the amount of hours we circle up for in these four days is surprisingly equal to the amount we meet for during a whole semester.

Mark has been evolving a series of topics and approaches to instill the summer circles with a feeling of ritual celebration and ceremony. Hugs, wisdom, laughter and tears deepen the intimacy, renew the bonds and introduce some students to each other for the first time. Swimming in the spring-fed pond is clothing-optional.