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Reply To: Architecture of the Soul– CLASS 3


Zodiac Polarities For Use on Nodal Axes & Other Things

Cancer/Capricorn— Leadership. Cancer wants to lead family, Capricorn society.  Putting yourself out there.  Stepping up. Taking responsibility.

Aries/Libra—Relationship. Breaking out of limiting patterns of relationship being at the expense of someone in dominate role or submissive role.  Learning how to have a win win relationship where two people can flourish.  A theme of this axis is how to even out the unevenness in relationship.  Aries is direct approach and Libra is cultured, patterned and formula.  Libra is Self in World/Aries Self in Self

Taurus/Scroprio— Possession/Letting GO. Taurus wants to hold onto physical things- possess sacred ground; Scorpio emotional, wants to possess an authentic experience. Lessons is on letting go.  Both need to learn the difference between hanging on and hanging onto what they need to hang on to.

Gemini/Sagittarius—Lost & Found.  Life is an adventure where you can get lost and found. Sag gets lost in macrocosm and misses microcosm and Gemini is the opposite. Gemini gets lost in the beads and misses the necklace, Sag is looking at the fabric but misses the stitch.

Leo/Aquarius—Motivation.  These are the two  signs that motivate human beings the most. Leo motivates by believing strongly in people, Aquarius by leaving them room to innovate.  Leo is unearthing the dream hidden in everyday life; Aquarius is pushing the species to fulfill it’s dream.

Pisces/Virgo– Surrender. This axis is dealing with boundaries, surrendering and service. Learning about boundaries and boundary-less-ness. Who do I let in sexually, energetically, physically? Who do I keep out?  In learning the rightful conditional and unconditional Virgo gets too earthbound and Pisces to ungrounded.

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