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Reply To: Class #5 Quotes and more

AvatarBrooke Kelly

Thank you, Leslie, for sharing. I really resonate with the last quote by Matthew Fox as you provided yet another reminder to what seems to be the theme that the Universe is asking us to become aware of “becoming our own authorities.” We are being asked to break free from the programs, the “social conditioning,” as Mark says, the brainwashing. And we can’t do that if we do not believe we are our own authorities. I really am working this thread. New Moon Eclipse in Sag in my first house really has me thinking about this. Reflecting that no matter if it is a past life or if it is a dysfunctional pattern (thank you, Mark, for saying this, I think it is so important that whether we know our past life (s) or if we can just name the pattern/theme/problem that has been plaguing us) that we need to come to the realization, to me it is that Inbreath experience, that we are in control when we are connected to our core being. However, as we all know, it is not that easy. It takes conscious effort to be living in this awareness. That is why I appreciate every time Mark says it, every time Mary (another mentor) says it, every time the Universe puts it in my path. When I was in grad school, I had the opportunity to go to South Dakota for the 20th Anniversary of The Reclaiming Youth conference. There I found this piece with the quote “You Already Possess Everything Necessary To Become Great~Crow.” It is hanging on the wall of my kitchen. I didn’t know how important this theme would become for me (and humanity). Still, I love how these messages are sent to us and, like an initiation, work subconsciously until we are ready for true integration with awareness. Leslie, just like you and your beautiful mandala (thank you for sharing). Cheers to all of us as we continue down the path to self-discovery and true empowerment. <3

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